After lying derelict for years, this 17th Century Barn in the centre of Ledbury has been given a new life as an arts venue. Saved from collapse by friends Robin and Lynn, they spent months turning it from a wreck into a bright and vibrant creative space that shows off talent from all over the country. The Barn been a venue for regular events, classes, sculpture and art displays, as well as monthly farmers and crafts markets.

"Someone once said to me old buildings are multifunctional where as new buildings are built to be single purpose only. That comment formed a big plus in my head when I and my builder chum, Robin, stood looking through the high security fence at the gaping holes in the soleplates which had rotted out so much so that the walls had bowed and it had to be held up with acro props. Once I had bought the barn I received an enforcement notice explaining that it was illegal to allow it to remain in disrepair, so we began the restoration." - Lynn Jones

We succeeded in our goal of opening in time for the poetry festival and The Barn hosted Ledbury Fringe events. This was a place where artists could express themselves to the public, and we were visited by Michael Palin.

Now we are poised for the next chapter. The Barn may be moving in a slightly different direction but it will still be a community hub, a meeting place, a learning centre, and an exhibition space.



The Barn - BeforeThe Barn - Before
The Barn - during restoration and today.